Two Drivers argued on whom to reverse in a broad road that can enable two cars. Funny things won’t stop happening


What just happened thirty minute ago, at surulere sapati ile area Kwara State.

two men drove out and get hooked on a road capable of enabling two cars, the first man in the white bus claimed he lives in the street and he has the right to tell him to move his car back as he uttered below
“ibi ni won Bi mi si so Koshi kuro ko Gbe Body e kuro Lona fun mi” (youruba) 
“I was born here so you need to obey me and move an inch back for me to pass” (English)
With immediate action the man in the local cab popularly known as taxi (ilorin taxi, the green and red colour car) replied him 
“Abi e ri e buru ni? Gbe ona lo si oju yara re,, to lu wa no ile at ekunn re,, iya la ya re ni ko Gbe Body ku da nu” (youruba) 
“Are you insane?  Lift the road to your house  for the land belong’s to God and everything,, lift your body and dash away” 

Not very long a car coming from the back join them in the pandemonium act, while he decided to give them advice on whom to reverse his car first he said. 
“my advice for you guys is that let both of you move the car to the other side of the road and let me pass because if you insisted I’ll get you arrested and beaten by armies, try me and see” 
The man went   angrily as the stubborn drivers refused to decide on whom to pass the other lane or reverse his car,, about 4min the two drivers noticed the disappearance of the third man who said he’s heading to call soldiers, geuss what happen next 
The two drivers became friends unwillingly…. 

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Anifowose Akindele well known as Akartlordson a talented artist and also the C.E.O of naijakobovibes