“Yahoo Boys Are Fools, They Are Ones Getting Scammed By Whites” – Seun Kuti Gives His Remark On The Trending Yahoo Boys Topic

Seun Kuti, son of late legendary singer and human right activist; Fela Anikulapo-Kuti has become the latest music celebrity to give his opinion on the currently widespread topic on internet scam; “Yahoo Yahoo.”
The afrobeat singer who is famous for never being aback when it comes to expressing his mind on issues he deems worthy of his opinion took to his Facebook page to reveal “Yahoo Boys” themselves are quite gullible because they are the ones who are getting scammed instead and not the whites.
He revealed these guys would defraud whites of their money and go back spending a fortune to buy products produced by the same whites. He also wrote that if the so called “Gee Boys” (another name for yahoo yahoo) were thoughtful enough to use the money they get from scam to help invest in the communities around, maybe he wouldn’t chastise them.
“Wetin yahoo boy dey take money do? No be to buy expensive white man things? Lol. If they weren’t busy buying white man drink but building their communities maybe just maybe, i will see dem but i don’t. Steal white man’s money and the only way u can express that wealth is to seek validation by consuming the most expensive white man things and u say u are a gee?
“All Yahoo boys are Mugus for whitey still, dem be learner. Waiit that 100k u used 3 months to set the job how long did it take Gucci to collect it back? MUGU. Until we can express our success outside of white validation thru their brands and luxury items of status and class, U STILL BE MUGU.”

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